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ELCB Tester


Digital ELCB Tester with Current rating up to 500mA, Auto Ramp,Phase Switch, Reads Disconnection Time, Self-Powered


  • Suitable for Use on 230V/50Hz single-phase line (operating voltage: 195~253V);  
  • Adopts Micro-Processor Chip to maintain high accuracy, reliability  and stability;  
  •  Wiring Check: three –LED indication When P-E and P-N green LED are on and red LED is off, the wiring is correct; otherwise it indicates wrong wiring(reverse P and N or bad grounding);  
  •  Phase Angle Selection: The tests can be performed at positive 0 or negative 180 phase angle.  
  • Over-Load Indication: “OL mS” shows when trip time exceeds Max. test time  
  • Auto Data Hold: The test results will be maintained for a while after the tests finishes.  
  • Auto Ramp Test: Test trip current and trip time simultaneously 
  •  Power-Off Warning Indication: The buzzer alarms after operating  for 3minutes;  
  • Power Save and Environment-Friendly: Powered directly by  tested circuit (Power 230V/50Hz) , no need to use battery;  
  • Fused Protection  
  • Double or Reinforced Insulation for safe design.
  • Trip Current Setting: 10 / 20 / 30 / 100 / 300 / 500mA
  • Confirms to IEC 61010-1 CAT III 300V, IEC 61557-1,5 and IEC 61010-2-31


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