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Vibration Meter


Bearing Condtion Analyzer, measures bearing test, vibration and has in-built tachometer.


  • Micro-processor based diagnostic tool
  • Direct Indication of machine condition in terms of good-reduced-bad
  • Mechanical Condition of Bearing
  • Lubrication condition of Bearing
  • Damage Severity readings for rolling bearings.
  • Non-Contact measurements of rotational speed
  • Vibration Severity measurements according to ISO recommendations.
  • Bearing Tester Function Range 0 to 99dBpv
  • Vibration Range 0.1 to 99.9 mm/s RMS
  • Laser Tachometer range up to 20000 RPM
  • Bearing Probe, head phone, Accelerometer, tachometer probe, manual, battery and carrying case


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